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WELCOME TO MONEY TALKS WIRELESS 2ND OFFICIAL SHORTS CHANNEL (MTW SHORTS ) -LOCATED ON BRIDGEPORT / CONNECTICUT /USA TIKTOK/INSTAGRAM : MONEY TALKS WIRELESS TikTok link : Instagram link : Snapchat link : Merch link : Discord link : -MAIL-IN ORDERS .PLEASE FILL THE FORM AND SEND IT WITH YOUR DEVICE .WE'LL SEND YOU AN INVOICE ONCE WE RECEIVED YOUR PACKAGE AND SHIP BACK TO YOUR ADDRESS YOU PROVIDED. -WE SPECIALIZING ON PHONES AND ANY ELECTRONICS REPAIR .. -OVER 4 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON TIKTOK (MONEY TALKS WIRELESS) -Thanks for subscribing my channel -If you want to know about the Restoration, Repair, Fixing, Replacement Screen, Crack screen repair..etc you can subscribe my channel and hit the bell you will get the new video almost every day. Thanks!

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